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Walkthrough 1:

Click on this task to view the responses given by Johnny Ballinger.

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Walkthrough 2:

CYP Learning Paths, Experiences / Topics. Features include:

  • Assign tasks/diagnostic assessments
  • You might record an incident that links to relevant recommended task(s). Based on the incident (recommended) or the option to search using keywords or you may explore and choose a task directly from the library.
  • In the task management area, staff can set and review and personalise tasks.
  • Including features to communicate and message students within the system about tasks or other issues.
  • You will choose whether to assign a task to individuals or a group of students, giving the option to explore a topic with students.
    Proactively (in lessons, as part of the curriculum)
    Reactively (in response to an incident or concern)
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