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The Reports Dashboard is an overview where you can access Student, School or Regional reports to configure. Click any of the panels or tabs to view.

Crucial key data and analytics are available in order to enable staff and support teams to conduct early interventions.

Reports can be generated based on the user profile level (i.e. senior leader reports will be different to support staff member reporting capabilities). The reporting features can show existing patterns of behaviour and indicate developing trends in a group, school or region.

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Reports can be accessed from the dashboard and will summarise (for a specified timeframe):

  • Regional reports, indicating types of behaviours and concerns with 'hotspots' being highlighted (e.g. particular town)
  • School reports, including tasks set by category, concerns raised by category and increasing concerns - by group - watchlist
  • Group report
  • Individual reports - chronology of incidents, tasks set/completed and concerns raised.
  • The topic report showing tasks set/completed and concerns raised from the topic.

We can also see - Key areas and access report builder configurations

View API/Linked system status and much more.

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BehaviourNET Impact

In the 4 months since using Behaviournet there has been a



Student Reports

Click to view reports for individual students.
  • Report Builder
  • Detailed View

School Reports

Click to view reports for classes, year groups or the whole school.
  • Report Builder
  • Detailed View

Regional Reports

Click to configure, view and export regional reports.
  • Report Builder
  • Detailed View

Data Integration Settings

Integration API Link: Permanent and Active
As a SMT member you receive system integration notifications.
  • BehaviourNet and Integrated systems
  • Identified: MIS, Safeguarding
  • 2-way data updates, in real time. You can view info within either system.
System integration preferences can be amended in your profile settings.

Key Area Selection

  • Behaviour & Pastoral
  • SEND
  • Safeguarding
  • Mental health / Wellbeing
  • Support
When configuring a report, you may select multiple combinations of key areas to view the details and analyse the impact. Click on the areas above to get started.