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Walkthrough: 1

There are various user profiles, tasks and features.

  • You can assign and review 'learning paths' and materials for CYP.
  • Training and CPD for staff and colleagues.
  • Plus resources for parents and external support.
  • View extensive reporting functions and a host of capabilities.
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Walkthrough: 2

The Notification panels highlight the need for action to be taken to address concerns relating to CYP.

Notifications could relate to incidents with CYP and Police, through to notifications regarding meeting with parents.

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Walkthrough: 3

The staffroom home page displays a dashboard with key indicators, depending on your user level. These can be school and group level indicators or wider/higher level indicators for a MAT or regional user.

The staffroom provides:

  • An overview of the current status of behaviour incidents and student wellbeing in a group, school or area.
  • Reports, staff training and for instance parent engagement.
  • Appropriate user profiles governing the level of young people's data that can be viewed, in addition to managing what can be shared with staff/external support.
  • A display configured depending on the profile set up for the user. For example, more detailed school data may be presented to an SLT member and more detailed group data may be highlighted for support staff and team members.
  • The ability to customise the Dashboard by being able to rearrange the positioning of 'widgets', notification priority and the general look and feel.
  • Quick links to the most recent and frequently used features in order to reduce the need to go through multiple menu options.
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My Overview
CYP - Students
Staff / Adults
School / Department


Student: Emma Carlyon

Receiving: Follow Up Support

75% Improvement - Following a further review over the previous week has moved from amber into the green level.

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Concern - RED LEVEL 5

Student: John Smith

Notification To: Key Appointed Adult

Following Police Log:

Witnessed incident at home.

Immediate Actions this AM:

  • Student support/Alt time table
  • BehaviourNet materials


Joran West (Class 8T)

Showed up for school 5 out of 5 days last week!

Our interventions are having an impact.


40% improvement since interventions.

Keep up the good work!